RYH can help meet the felt needs of Pastors and Church Leaders.

“Develop a Lay-Led Ministry”

A RYH Ministry uses trained lay people in your church to lead RYH groups.  RYH has a training process for people who wish to become RYH group leaders.

“Take the Burden Off the Pastor”

The Pastor is often called to handle emotional or relational issues that occur within the church body. This can become an emotionally draining burden for a pastor.  A RYH ministry will train lay leaders who can ease the pastor’s load by helping people in these areas.

“Promote an Emotionally Healthy Church”

A great benefit of having a RYH ministry in your church is that the church itself becomes a safer place for people to relate to each other and to interact in healthier ways.

“Foster Emotionally Healthy Families”

As people within a church participate in a RYH ministry they learn through the group experience and the workbook materials how healthy families interact. This gives them skills and knowledge they can use within their own families.

“Stimulate Flourishing Relationships”

As RYH participants experience healthy interaction in a RYH group, they are able to transfer new interaction skills and understanding to all of their interpersonal relationships.


I am interested in starting a RYH Ministry in my church.

How do I get started?


  • Read more about the process of starting a RYH Ministry. See FAQ below.


*RYH Resources found at www.disciplebuilding.org

FAQ:  Questions and Answers for Pastors and Church Leaders:


What is Restoring Your Heart?

RYH is a process that helps people become aware of how hurts from their past are affecting their present, learn how to grieve, and come to a place of full forgiveness.

RYH is also a ministry with the goal of implementing the emotional and relational healing process as a natural part of discipleship in a church by using small groups and trained lay leaders.

How does the RYH process happen?

RYH happens in a small group experience that is lead by a trained facilitator who guides the group through a workbook especially designed to encourage self awareness and emotional healing.

How do I start a RYH ministry in my church?

By gathering a group of men and women who feel called to help people heal from emotional and relational hurts and start them on the training path to be RYH group leaders.

Is training required to use RYH?

Training is generally needed and strongly recommended for lay leaders. RYH has a specific training protocol for RYH group leaders that gives people the skills and knowledge they need to lead a RYH group.

There are people, like trained counselors, or people with other types of emotional healing experience and group dynamics training, that might be able to lead RYH groups with less training. 

How does the RYH training process work?

Training begins by consulting with the RYH staff.  There is a specific RYH training protocol. The first step in the training process is for all potential group leaders to experience a RYH Processing Pain group themselves. The RYH staff will be available to consult with your church throughout the training  process.

What does a RYH ministry look like in a church?

A RYH ministry will look different in each church, depending on the size of the church and other factors. (Some churches will want to become training centers for their city, region or denomination.) The key is to get group leaders trained and then begin to multiply them. The RYH staff will be available to consult with your church throughout the start up process.

How can I know ahead of time what might be involved?

RYH has a Field Operations Manual that explains all the nuts and bolts of having a RYH ministry in your church.

As a church leader, do I need permission from my pastor to start a group?

It is always best to have the buy-in and support from the pastor. Emotional and relational health in a church should come from the top down.

As a church leader, what is the best way to approach my pastor?

Direct your pastor to our website or have your pastor read How Emotional Problems Develop, a free download on our website , or contact us to schedule a free phone consultation with your pastor and one of our team members. We can provide other written resources to help explain the RYH ministry.

What kind of people benefit from a RYH group?

Everyone in your church will benefit from participating in a RYH group. In general, people don’t know how to deal with emotional pain. RYH gives people tools and a process to do so, as well as tools to be able to help others.

What kind of responses can I expect from individuals going through groups?

Most people going through a group will respond with surprise at the ease of sharing in the group, the level of intimacy that develops, the degree of safety provided by the group and the new insights they obtain about themselves.

Is RYH biblical?

Yes, RYH is modeled after the example set by Jesus as he discipled his men and is also supported by the verses in Isaiah 61:1-4 & Luke 4:18.

How is a RYH group different from a Bible Study group?

RYH groups are segregated by sex, are closed groups and are time limited. 

The goal of a RYH group is emotional and relational health, rather than the attaining of biblical knowledge. The leader uses a RYH workbook to lead members through a healing process. Therefore, the leader does not teach, but facilitates discussion.

What types of workbooks does RYH offer?

RYH has three workbooks. Processing Pain (which deals with family of origin issues), Understanding Emotions and Conquering Shame.

How long are the workbooks?

The workbooks vary in length, from 12 weeks to 17 weeks. There is one lesson per week, which the participants prepare in advance, and come prepared to discuss and share in the group session.

What is the cost of a RYH workbook?

Each of the RYH workbooks sells for $30. They are available for purchase on our website.

Is there a way to preview the RYH materials before purchasing them?

Yes, there is a Table of Contents and a sample lesson from each workbook that can be viewed by clicking the icon for each product on our web store.