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The journey of emotional healing is a crucial part of the discipleship process. By taking time to provide feedback, you allow RYH to be more effective for more people. There are no small impacts, as the people you help through their restorative process will be able to impact others as well. That is the beauty of multiplication!


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Other Opportunities After Your Group Ends


Share your RYH story on video

If you have a testimony of God’s faithfulness, life transformation, or story of salvation you would like to share, we want to help you do that.


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Partner with RYH financially

Help WDA provide greater access to emotional healing by supporting RYH. If you’ve been blessed by RYH this is one way to #payitforward.


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Jaluve Pirac
Jaluve Pirac
God keep his people safely all the day,am happy to meet some center of this association at mbeya tanzania doing well
Thomas Romine
Thomas Romine
Love this place, people are wonderful.
Megan Graves
Megan Graves
I've taken two RYH classes, as well as various other WDA classes at New Hope Baptist Church. I can honestly say every class has enriched and completely transformed my life. I'm so grateful for the opportunity WDA has given me to grow spiritually and heal emotionally.
Barry Hitchcock
Barry Hitchcock
Good folks doing great work for the Lord.
Keyaan Williams
Keyaan Williams


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“God has used RYH to heal me in so many ways.”


Fran Glasgow | RYH group member

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