RYH can help Counselors take their practice to the next level. 

“A Unique Small Group Experience”

RYH has workbooks that are designed for use in small groups, covering such areas as family of origin, grieving, forgiveness, understanding emotions and shame.

“Complementary to Counseling”

The healing power of a group is a beneficial adjunct to individual counseling. A group helps people realize they are not alone in their experiences and feelings.

“Expansion of Your Practice”

Offering small group experiences is an excellent way to expand your practice. It is a benefit to the community and an efficient use of your counseling hours. Frequently, a RYH group experience prepares a person for more intensive individual counseling.

“Resource for Your Local Church”

RYH was designed to be an integral part of discipleship. When implemented in a church, RYH becomes a powerful, lay-led healing ministry. As a counselor who has experienced the benefit of the RYH materials, you are uniquely positioned to help begin a RYH ministry in your own church. Your counseling practice and the RYH ministry in your church will be a complement to each other. [click on link to pastors page for additional insight on a RYH ministry in a church]

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*RYH Resources are located at www.disciplebuilding.org


FAQ:  Questions and Answers for Counselors:


What is Restoring Your Heart?

RYH is a process that helps people become aware of how hurts from their past are affecting their present, learn how to grieve, and come to a place of full forgiveness.

How does the RYH process happen?

RYH happens in a small group experience that is lead by a trained facilitator who guides the group through a workbook especially designed to encourage self awareness and emotional healing.

What types of workbooks does RYH offer?

RYH has three workbooks. Processing Pain (which deals with family of origin, grieving and forgiveness), Understanding Emotions and Conquering Shame.

How long are the workbooks?

The workbooks vary in length, from 12 weeks to 17 weeks. There is one lesson per week, which the participants prepare in advance, and come prepared to discuss and share in the group session.

What is the cost of a RYH workbook?

Each of the RYH workbooks sell for $30. They are available for purchase on our website .

Can I charge my clients a fee for participating in a RYH group that I lead?

Yes, a group is an efficient way to increase your revenue.

How do I begin using RYH as a tool to help my clients?

We recommend first reading How Emotional Problems Develop, a free download on our website. Then, purchase Processing Pain workbooks and begin a group.

Does RYH have other resources that could be helpful to my practice?

Yes, RYH has two other workbooks that are designed for use in a small group, Understanding Emotions and Conquering Shame. In addition, there is RYH Training Manual which contains helpful information from both a Biblical perspective and an emotional/relational perspective.

Is there a way to preview the RYH materials before purchasing them?

Yes, there is a Table of Contents and a sample lesson from each workbook that can be viewed by clicking the icon for each product on our web store.