Restoring Your Heart Intro Webinar 

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About The Webinar

Tuesday, November 9, 2021, from 7-8:30 pm ET

At This Webinar You Will…

  • Learn how a Restoring Your Heart ministry can transform your church into a place of practical healing for your congregation & community.
  • Learn how a Restoring Your Heart ministry can address the emotional needs, pain, and grief of your church and community.  
  • Learn how a Restoring Your Heart ministry can equip your church members to walk alongside each other & grow through hurts and disappointments.  
  • Plus, receive a FREE copy of the How Emotional Problems Develop e-book.

Does This Sound Familiar?

  • Nearly half (48%) of current and former pastors said the demands of ministry often felt like more than they could handle.
  • 2 out of 3 U.S. church pastors admit they do not feel equipped to assist those who are hurting deeply or having suicidal thoughts.

What if instead…

  • People in your church, in addition to you, helped others work through their pain safely, intimately, and comprehensively.
  • Your church was a safe place where community members found healing and were discipled.


What Is Restoring Your Heart?

Restoring Your Heart Can Help

  • The RYH ministry, based on Jesus’ example, is delivered in safe, gender-specific small groups by trained lay leaders from your own congregation.
  • These groups enable people to explore their past pain, identify unhealthy emotional and relational patterns, grieve their losses, and forgive those who have hurt them.
  • These groups last only 15 weeks but unpack years of hidden wounds damage and emotional pain.

“RYH has provided a safe and comfortable environment where I was able to share my feelings and analyze my past with people who did not bring prejudice or judgment into the discussion. My ‘Processing Pain’ group has helped me grow as a disciple and be aware of my needs as a person … providing knowledge that is essential for emotional and spiritual growth.”

– Matthew Ong | Restoring Your Heart Group Participant